Stephen Bray: St. John's Newfoundland June 2017

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On June 11, 2017, Pastor Paul Carter went to explore a potential opportunity for our 201 Missions area. He met with Stephen Bray, pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in St. John's Newfoundland to assess the need there and the plans that are being made to reach that need. The following is a letter from Stephen Bray to help orient us:

At Calvary, we are reaching out to a field where less than 1% of the city is

even attending an Evangelical Church and I’m being very generous with what I’d

call Evangelical. We are hoping to plant 5-7 Churches in the city and moving

outward to about 4 hours from our Church as the hub. But our first obstacle is to

have an adequate Church facility that will hold and facilitate the over vision.

Our desire is to be as debt free or completely debt free so we can focus solely

on the Church planting aspects of the vision. The structure we are looking to build

will allow us to host potential Church planters with office space and support, will

allow Calvary Baptist to grow to 250 people, and have the facilities to host events

to reach our community and neighbourhood. Calvary would become a hub Church

and base of operations to resource and backup the Church plants we launch over

the next 5 years, even as we raise the funds to provide for the planters we are

seeking to raise up.

The end game would be that by 2025 we would have 6 Churches in St. John’s

preaching the gospel, networked together and glorifying God! We’re raising 4

million dollars to change the entire Evangelical landscape of the city of St. John’s

for the next 20 years. If we can plant 5 more Churches and build them all to 100

people, that would mean 500 people coming to Jesus by 2025.

Being an island makes it hard for folks to understand the culture and the

isolation, so we are requiring all Church planters and interns to spend the first year

with us at Calvary to both settle and establish them. This also allows us to vet and

ensure that what we are planting is a network of support for both now and the


To this end, we have three requests of fellow believers:

1) Prayer, that God would be glorified to provide for this vision to His glory.

2) Give, if God moves you to help raise the large amount of money needed

to build infrastructure, and train and fund planters.

3) If God so leads you, come and join us in our mission, either in short term

vision trips, or by coming to plant.


In Christ Alone and with a thankful heart

Pastor Steve Bray

Psalm 5:11-12