Pastor Jody: Albania, April 2016

Update from Pastor Jody: Albania, April 2016

Greetings from Albania.  We have just returned from an excellent time in Durres, Albania, where the Equip Leadership Canada Team ran a 3 day leadership training conference. Nearly 200 Albanians gathered from over 50 churches for this event. Durres is a city known to be about 3000 years old. It is the the place historically known as the place where Titus was martyred. It is likely that the Apostle Paul passed through the city on the way to Italy.

Thank you for your prayers. My health has improved over the week. I was able to participate in the conference by bringing greetings on your behalf to the believers here and sharing my testimony. At the end of my time I was able to sing, 'I Love Your Word', while the words in Albanian were projected on the screen.

Today we gave away nearly 100 copies of the FBC Worship CD to very thankful and delighted people. People here are hungry for teaching, for resources and for encouragement. The owner of Albania;s Christian radio station took the CD and asked permission to play the music on air.  Permission granted I said! (see picture - man with gotee).

I have had several meetings with a team who has a burden to train worship leaders. Among the team are Arlen and Irma who seek to provide strategic training in Albania in worship.  

The people here are very gracious, warm and passionate about the gospel and evangelism; 50 years of repressive communistic rule ended in 1991. The evangelical church numbers about 10,000 out of a population of 3 million in this largely muslim country. Most of the oldest believers here are in the 21-40 age group. Leadership development and Church planting are a big part of what churches here are seeking to do.

Saturday night we attended a worship service in Tirana and I was able to share a song with the congregation. We have been warmly received and greatly encouraged by what God is doing in this strategic and unique country.

We fly back to Canada Monday.  

God's peace,


Getting his FBC Worship CD