Elya: Southeast Asia April 2016

Hello friends;

Tonight my heart is both very burdened and full of rejoicing. Prayers have been answered.

Easter was fabulous! 10 people were baptized! As happens around the world during this holiday, many extra people attended services here. This means they heard the Good News (including 65 children at Good Friday, and 90 children at Sunday School). A team led the Good Friday children's program and gave each child Gospel coloured Lego pieces to build a little house that would remind them of how to tell the story. Also, I was able to share with around 40-50 people (some believers, others not) at both Friday and Sunday home church evening meetings.

VBS was wonderful!  I was also able to help with another VBS taking place in a slum. They were expecting maybe 100 or less, but we had at least 160 children attend (I think there were many more...). Only about 10 attend church regularly. Most of the rest are first-timers in hearing the Gospel! It was SOO exciting to share the "God words" for the first time here.  We told them about the Creation on Tuesday and about the Gospel on Wednesday. I also had the opportunity to lead them and encourage them to follow Jesus. Indeed, many have already shared with their parents about the Creation story they had heard on Tuesday. As a result, some parents came to listen, and we were able to teach using a microphone on Wednesday so that the community would hear from a distance.

 Prayer Request:

- Last Sunday, a couple were baptized. This week has been difficult for them. They live with family members, but only they and their 2 daughters are believers (2 sons are not, and neither are their many relatives).. Whenever we pray, one of the sons who is possessed becomes stiff, distant, and as if he is not present or able to move, talk, or comprehend. We discussed examples of Jesus casting out demons and we prayed for him. He seemed better after a few prayers, but I'm not sure that he is 100% freed yet. This is very hard on his mother. Though a believer she is also feeling as though Satan has the power here. So, please pray for this family. The spiritual warfare is real, but Jesus Christ is stronger, and we have Him, and his Word.