College & Careers

 Mid-Week Meetings:

Are you a college student?  Are you on a career track?  Are you a young adult?

Be a part of social events, worship nights, and bible studies with other young adults.  Come to engage with God's Word, be encouraged by Christian friends, and be equipped to live out your faith.

We meet every Thursday from 7:00pm-9:00pm in the portable behind First Baptist Church, and would love to have you out!    

If you need transportation to the church, please call the office at 705.326.3800.


The Student Ministry holds several larger events and retreats throughout the year - check the website regularly for details, like our C&C Facebook page, or contact Ryan Shevalier for more info.

**Everyone participating in our events off-site, both participants and volunteers MUST complete an FBC waiver before you can participate in each activity. ***

2017 FALL C&C Waiver - 18 AND UNDER
2017 FALL C&C Waiver - OVER 18



Check back soon for more events...