Growth Groups

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Welcome to Growth Groups!  Growth Groups function as our in-house small group network.  Here at First Baptist Church we believe that the bigger our church gets, the more important it is for us to connect in smaller community.

 In the early church they met in large groups and in smaller groups, “house to house”, to use the language of Acts 2:46, and we believe that model is still the best way to do church today.  Our times together on Sunday morning are vitally important and our times together mid-week in smaller groups are equally critical to our growth and development as followers of Jesus Christ.

The structure of our Growth Group network is simple. There are three categories of groups. Each type corresponds to a stage of growth that a person may be in. The goal is for individuals to progress through each as they grow in spiritual maturity.

  • Fellowship Groups - These groups are ideal for people new to the church or who are inquiring about spiritual things. 
  • Christian Basics Groups - These groups are best for people wrestling with how to become a Christian as well as how to live as a new Christian.
  • Discipleship Groups - These groups are designed for believers and are intended to provide places for mutual care, on-going accountability and collective spiritual growth.

If you want a little help in figuring out what group might best suit you, feel free to let us know.



Fellowship Groups primarily emphasize community and connection, and are designed to be low intensity opportunities for newcomers to get connected, make some friends and build some meaningful bridges. Fellowship groups are ideal for people new to the church, or who are inquiring into the possibility of making a commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.  These groups are usually short term and topical or activity based.

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Christian Basics Groups primarily emphasize conversation about the person of Jesus Christ, and what it means to make a commitment to become a true disciple. Christian Basics Groups deal with a lot of the issues that a person has to wrestle with before deciding to become a Christian, as well as the predictable changes that have to be made immediately after becoming a Christian. You might say that Christian Basics Groups are ideal for people walking the last mile before the cross or the first mile after the cross. These groups are generally short term and curriculum based, and put you into a community of people at a similar stage in the Christian journey.

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Discipleship Groups are our typical small group format. The goal of our Growth Groups is to see people move from 'Fellowship Groups' (ideal for newcomers and inquirers) to 'Christian Basics' (ideal for inquirers and new believers) to 'Discipleship Groups' where they will find a more permanent home.

Discipleship Groups emphasize community, care and continued growth. These groups are designed for believers and are intended to provide places for mutual care, ongoing accountability and collective spiritual growth. Disciples of Jesus are by definition “learners” and so the group format will heavily emphasize shared learning and mutual discussion of how these truths should be applied and lived out. Discipleship Groups are generally longer term, home based and utilize one of the two Going Deeper curriculum versions. We occasionally offer a few “specialized” Discipleship Groups that are shorter term and more topical. These groups are not intended to replace the standard home based small group but may add additional benefit to people at certain stages of their Christian journey.

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