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A Look At What We're Learning...

August 13 - Unit 10, Session 1: Israel Demanded a King

God intended for a heavenly king to rule over Israel, but the Israelites did not trust God’s plan. So God chose Saul to be their king. God had a plan to one day send His Son, Jesus, to rule the entire world. Jesus would be the perfect King who would bring peace and salvation to the world.

August 20 - Unit 10, Session 2: God Rejected Saul as King

King Saul sinned by giving a sacrifice that only the priest was allowed to give. God rejected Saul as king, but He had a plan to send His Son, Jesus. King Jesus gave up His own life as a good and perfect sacrifice so sinners would be forgiven and accepted.

August 27 - Unit 10, Session 3: David was Anointed and Fought Goliath

David was not a big or strong warrior, but he trusted God. God gave David power. When God sent His Son to earth, Jesus did not look like a strong warrior either. But by dying on the cross and coming back to life, Jesus showed His power to save sinners. 

September 03 - Unit 10, Session 4: David and Jonathan Became Friends

David and Jonathan were true friends. Their friendship points to an even greater friendship—our friendship with Jesus. Jesus calls us friends (John 15:15), and He showed His love by dying to save us from sin.

September 10 - Unit 10, Session 5: God Made a Covenant with David

God promised David that every future king of Israel would come from David’s family, and David’s kingdom would last forever. God kept His promise by sending His Son, Jesus, to be one of David’s descendants. Jesus is our King who will never die; He will rule over God’s people forever.

September 17 - Unit 10, Session 6: David Sinned and Was Restored

When David sinned against God, God forgave him, but sin always comes with a price. God spared David’s life, but David’s son died. When we sin, we can receive God’s forgiveness because God sent His Son, Jesus, to pay the price for our sin. Jesus died the death we deserve so that we could be made right with God.

August & September 2017 - Unit 10 Key Passage