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Wed. Nov. 29, 2017

Daily Reflections November 29

Category: RMM
By: FBC Staff

Luke 13

The Lord Jesus turned his face like a flint towards Jerusalem (see verse 33) and was preparing his disciples for life without him. Their path would not be easy. They would be called to walk through a narrow door and along the narrow way. However, Jesus told them of the power and scope of the Kingdom of God. At times it looks like we ‘losing the game’ and there is little to no hope. The Bible is full of such scenarios, the most poignant of all seen on Good Friday. The Kingdom of God is larger than we can imagine and WILL permeate the whole world. Though it starts small and seems insignificant, all the nations of the earth will be brought in, and no human or spiritual powers will be able to stand against it. GOD WINS! Keep reading...

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