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Fri. Jan. 19, 2018

Daily Reflections January 19

Category: RMM
By: FBC Staff

Genesis 20

After Abraham’s bold questioning of God’s extent of mercy, one might assume that he has matured into a perfected model of morality. However, we find in this chapter that he is still flawed. He did not learn from his experience with Pharaoh in chapter 12 and thus falls into a very similar position. 

We ought to first notice that this is at least the second time where a half-truth has not only threatened Abraham but also those around him. In a desire for personal preservation, he has put Sarah at risk, placed Abimelek at the brink of death, caused God to curse Abimelek’s household, and brought sin upon the kingdom. This may seem like a small deceptive maneuver by Abraham but it has a wide and devastating reach. We live in a culture where we prize personal autonomy and preservation.  Keep reading...

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