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Fri. Aug. 25, 2017

Why I Read the Old Testament

Category: General
By: Paul Carter

I’ve been reading through the Old Testament every year since 2012. That was the year our church began using the RMM Bible Reading Plan. The plan takes you through the Old Testament once and the New Testament and Psalms twice in every calendar year; I had read the Old Testament before, but my reading was selective and sporadic to say the least. I had read the Psalms and Genesis and Exodus and parts of Isaiah multiple times, but truth be told, I may have only read The Book of Obadiah once – back in Bible School and I’m not sure if I had ever read The Book of Leviticus from start to finish.

So I resolved to begin systematically and faithfully reading through the Old Testament.

I did not expect to love it.

But somewhere along the line, the Old Testament got inside me. It became a part of my daily routine. More than that, it became a part of me. It became the voice behind me saying “This is the path, walk ye in it.” Keep reading...


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