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Fri. Dec. 15, 2017

When You Need Strong Help From The Lord

Category: General
By: Paul Carter

It’s amazing how the Bible seems to speak to your immediate needs. I know that the Bible has big cosmic themes that have nothing to do with Paul Carter. I know that. I know that the Bible is first and foremost about God, about people and about how God saves people through the life and death of Jesus Christ.

I know that.

I rejoice in that!

And yet, somehow, it also speaks to me and addresses me at the point of my greatest concern.

Today I feel like I need strong help from the Lord and over the last several days the book of 2 Chronicles – of all things – has been helping me understand how to position myself to receive it. This isn’t about how to get saved – this is about who the Lord helps. I’m glad that I’m saved, but today I need help and if you need help too then perhaps you will find this useful. Keep reading...


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