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Tue. Aug. 08, 2017

The Rechabites, My Muslim Neighbour, And Me (Reflections On Jeremiah 35)

Category: General
By: Paul Carter

Jeremiah 35 is one of the oddest chapters in the Bible. It should also be considered one of the most alarming – particularly for nominal Evangelicals.

In this chapter the prophet Jeremiah is instructed to seek out a small tribe of desert nomads called the Rechabites. He is to bring them to the house of the Lord and show them hospitality. When he sets wine before them they tell Jeremiah that they cannot partake, having been forbidden by their founding father Jonadad. They go on to detail a few other of his instructions, all of which they have faithfully kept for generations.

God then gives a word to Jeremiah for the people of Israel concerning the obedience of the Rechabites. He says: keep reading...


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