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Thu. Aug. 31, 2017

Fair Criticism from Our Catholic Friends

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By: Paul Carter

I am a convictional Protestant. I affirm all 5 of the Reformation Solas. If it wouldn’t offend my mother, I would have the face of Charles Spurgeon tattooed on my chest.

I’m in. All in.  But that isn’t to say I’m on board with everything I see in contemporary evangelicalism.

Things are getting squirrely out there and the neighbours are starting to notice. Thankfully, the leaders within evangelicalism are starting to notice as well. John MacArthur went on the record over a year ago declaring that the word “evangelical” was no longer useful as a general descriptive term for our movement. It means so much that it means basically nothing. More recently, Russell Moore has questioned whether the term is worth keeping given how broad and untethered the evangelical armada has now become. This isn’t your grandfather’s evangelicalism. This is not “Big Tent Billy Graham” evangelicalism. This is a rolling tire fire. Our movement has become a mob, and it’s time to take that seriously.  Keep reading...


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