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Fri. Nov. 10, 2017

Daily Reflections November 10

By: FBC Staff

Psalm 142

At the introduction of this psalm, we read that this is a prayer of David when he was in the cave. Those who are familiar with David’s story will be able to recall two occasions that David found himself in a cave. These two instances can be found in 1 Samuel 22 and 1 Samuel 24. While we are not told which of these situations the psalm was written about, that detail is not important. Both instances share the same context of David fleeing from King Saul who was seeking to put him to death. King Saul wanted David destroyed for he was growing in popularity superior to the King (see 1 Samuel 18). This prayer, therefore, was made when David was surrounded by a few faithful men, but hunted by the King’s army.  Keep reading...


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