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Wed. Jun. 07, 2017

Daily Reflections June 7

Category: RMM
By: FBC Staff

Isaiah 39

Today’s text brings us to a tragic turn of events in Hezekiah’s reign. Up until this point, his kingship has been an example of wisdom, humility and prayerfulness.

Facing the death threats of a terrifying Assyrian army, rather than surrendering in fear, Hezekiah wisely brought the plight of his people before the Lord. God defeated king Sennacherib and sent an angel to destroy the army camped around the walls of Jerusalem. This same resolution in prayer was on display when Hezekiah was diagnosed with a fatal illness. He cried out to the Lord and 15 years were added to his life.

Thus, the story that we read in chapter 39 is both puzzling and alarming. When an envoy comes to him from the distant nation of Babylon, rather than consulting with the Lord, Hezekiah proceeds to unashamedly parade his treasures and riches before his guests.

It was prideful. It was sinful. It was not what we would expect from the great King Hezekiah. Keep reading...


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