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Wed. Jul. 05, 2017

Daily Reflections July 5

Category: RMM
By: FBC Staff

Matthew 15

In Matthew 15 we see Jesus confronting the Jews, teaching his disciples and ministering to the needy. Jesus rebuked his hypocritical accusers with the sword of truth, and extended mercy to the lost with displays of his power.  

A coalition of Jewish leaders from Jerusalem came to confront Jesus about his disciples’ lack of observance of ceremonial laws, particularly, washing before eating. (This hand washing activity was not a part of Moses’ Law, but strictly a human tradition). This “sacred” tradition of the Jews, originated, so they said, from Moses, and was passed down to the elders as oral tradition. Eventually this was written down and became known as the Mishnah. These blind guides (verse 14), honoured man’s law, above the Law of Moses, God’s law. 

In response, Jesus shot back, accusing them of their serious violation of the real Mosaic Law. They were failing to provide for their parents, thus violating the fifth commandment. Keep reading...


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