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Fri. Aug. 11, 2017

Daily Reflections August 11

Category: RMM
By: FBC Staff

Jeremiah 39

Jerusalem finally fell to the Babylonians after one and a half years of siege. The city was burned, the walls were torn down, and the leaders were deported to Babylon. 2 Kings 25 gives the detailed narrative of the account that Jeremiah is relating here. The day had come when the prophecies of Jeremiah, since the first chapter till now, concerning Jerusalem came true. Although God used Jeremiah to relentlessly warn the people, they refused to listen. So, God fulfilled what he promised—every single prophecy, exactly as he said it.

The Israelites knew the severity and surety of the wrath of God. They even experienced tastes of it leading up until the day of the fall. Lamentations 4:4-5, written by Jeremiah, gives us a glimpse of what it was like near the end of the siege:  Keep reading...


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