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Sat. Jun. 10, 2017

CBOQ Assembly 2017: What Happened? (And What Happens Next?)

Category: General
By: Paul Carter

Any time Canadian Baptists gather for 3 days of meetings in a relatively enclosed space there is bound to be some mixture of the good, the bad and the ugly. Throw in a dash of fellowship and a pinch of politics and you have the essential recipe for every CBOQ Assembly that I have ever attended.

This year’s Assembly however, will likely be remembered for two things in particular: the public triumph of the progressives and the sudden awakening of the muddy middle.

The CBOQ is often described as being rather like an odd shaped pie with three uneven slices. There is a progressive or liberal slice which represents about 25% of our churches, many in the Toronto and Hamilton area, a conservative slice which represents another 25%, mostly outside those two cities and a very large slice known affectionately as “the muddy middle”. The muddy middle is made up of salt of the earth type folks who give faithfully to CBOQ believing that their money is spent to proclaim the Gospel around the world and to bless brothers and sisters in distress and hard circumstances. By and large they prioritize unity and fellowship above all while maintaining traditional Christian beliefs and values.

These people are nice.

Really nice.

But they usually have no idea what is going on in our wider family of churches. Keep reading...


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