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Thu. Jun. 08, 2017

An Interesting Day At CBOQ Assembly

Category: General
By: Paul Carter

Today was a most interesting day.

Today we learned that our denomination has 21 million dollars in hedged assets but has seen its purchasing power reduced by nearly $500,000 a year due to reduced givings from churches.

So many are dying.

So many are closing.

This year a substantial portion of our budget was covered by the sale of church properties - which had closed due to long term contraction and decline.

It appears that our denomination intends to exist on monies given to them decades and even centuries in the past. We were told today that some of these endowments were given in the 1800's! That money is why our denomination still exists.

A shocking percentage of our churches give nothing at all. Most give far less than they used to.

Why is that? Keep reading...


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