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Wed. Jan. 24, 2018

25 Questions That Could Save My Denomination (And Maybe Yours Too)

Category: General
By: Paul Carter

A denomination by definition requires a certain level of agreement. You can’t facilitate Gospel mission together if you don’t agree on what the Gospel is and is not – not to mention what the mission is and is not. You can’t train pastors together unless you agree on who is and who is not called to be a pastor. You can’t consult with one another on church discipline if you don’t agree as to what is sin and what is not sin. To do anything useful at all, an association of churches must enjoy a very broad base of theological, ecclesiological and missiological agreement.

If they don’t have it, there is no reasonable justification for their continued existence.

Recognizing this, many denominations have chosen to take refuge in a studied ambiguity.  Keep reading...


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