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WTTB With Pastor Paul - Judges 11

Category: WTTB Reflections, Old Testament

The other day one of our members asked me what in the world was going on in Judges 11 and this reminded me that perhaps an e-blast about this strange book in general and this very bizarre story in particular would be in order.  When reading the narrative sections of Scripture it is very helpful to remember the difference between “prescriptive narrative” and “descriptive narrative”.  Prescriptive means that a certain type of behaviour is being prescribed or mandated.  “Go and do...keep reading»»


Learning To Love The Law

Category: WTTB Reflections, Old Testament

This past week in our WTTB readings we completed the Book of Deuteronomy.  The word “Deuteronomy” means “second law” or “second giving of the law”.  In this series of sermons delivered at the end of his life Moses essentially recapitulates God’s covenant commandments that serve to regulate the life of the congregation and that point out the way of holy living.  We live in a time and culture that do not dispose us towards love of the law.  Many of us wonder why we as “New...keep reading»»


Song of Solomon

Category: WTTB Reflections, Old Testament

Hi all, Pastor Paul here.  If you are up to date in your readings you will have finished Song of Songs today - did you have any idea what it was saying?  Song of Songs (or Song of Solomon depending on your translation) is notoriously hard to make sense of on the first reading.  Part of the difficulty lies in the fact that the voice is constantly changing.  Sometimes the Beloved is speaking (the young shepherd/king), sometimes his lover, sometimes her friends and sometimes...keep reading»»