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QUESTION:   Hey Paul,   First I must say "I am really enjoying this Bible in a year" (I know it's only been 5 days) ! Content has just been leaping off the pages for me like Mathew 5:32. I am taking away from this passage that divorced people should not re-marry. Is this correct? ANSWER:   Hey friend, Glad you are enjoying the journey.  The passage you are referring to states:  27"You have heard that it was said to those of old,...keep reading»»


Is "Hades" different than "Hell"

Category: Pastor's Q&A

QUESTION: This Sunday I was visiting a church and the pastor preached a sermon which I found rather confusing.  When I got home I decided to listen to one of your sermon's online and, as we have a truly awesome God, I found the Thanksgiving sermon on the exact same passage. Your teaching shed light on a lot of what I had been confused about, but I was wondering if you might read what I've written here about what this other pastor had to say and maybe send me any comments or thoughts you...keep reading»»


Responding to Homosexuality

Category: General, Thinking Christianly

A friend of mine at the church recently sent me a blog post that many of his friends were commenting on.  He asked if I could help him frame a "Christian response".  Rather than respond to him only, I've put both the original article and some general guidelines following into this post.  The issue in question is common and the opinions expressed by the author are becoming increasingly mainstream, particularly within the nominally Christian community.  In fact, in...keep reading»»


Salt vs. Assault

Category: Thinking Christianly

How to be an agent of change without becoming a church terroristkeep reading»»


"Slippery Slope" Vs. Suspending Judgement

Category: Thinking Christianly, In The Beginning

A lot of pastors don't preach through the Bible anymore and there are probably a variety of reasons for that.  One of the reasons is that there are a lot of landmines in the text of Holy Scripture.  It's a lot of fun to preach on 1 Timothy until you get to chapter 2 and it doesn't get any better in chapter 3.  It would be great to preach on Romans except that you'd have to start with chapter one, and if you've read it, you know what I'm talking about. I made a decision a long...keep reading»»

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