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Tue. Jun. 18, 2013 08:54 Age: 4 yrs

Category: Pastor's Q&A
By: Paul Carter

The Most Frequently Asked Question

Earlier today I met with one of our interns to discuss a project I have assigned. I have asked Ryan Shevalier to create a searchable mechanism for organizing my many FAQ e-mails. Not all of those emails show up as blogs or FAQ blasts but the task was motivated by a startlingly obvious observation: Certain questions are asked very frequently. One shouldn’t be surprised that certain “FAQs” are indeed FREQUENTLY ASKED but the pattern is somewhat interesting. As Ryan has begun to organize the blog blasts he commented that a very high percentage of the questions I have received over the last year have related in some way to the doctrine of election. This doctrine, clearly taught in Scripture, seems very hard to grapple with at the practical level. Shortly after our conversation I happened to stumble upon a blog by another pastor trying to answer similar questions and he made useful reference to some teaching by D.A. Carson. Carson teaches the same thing we have been teaching but does so using slightly different, though parallel terms. I strongly recommend it.

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Pastor Paul Carter


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