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By: FBC Staff

Daily Reflections July 21

Jeremiah 17

No serious reader of Scripture can utter, “people are generally good”. The repeated narrative of moral failure throughout the Bible counters this notion. Further, we are given clear texts that exposes the fact that our sin is real, deep, and damning. Jeremiah gives us a vision of human sinfulness as he speaks of the sin of Judah. Their sin is not characterized as lapses of judgment or behavioral and ethical faux pas. In the first verse of this chapter, Jeremiah metaphorically attests that their sin is a permanent heart condition and a detriment to true worship. 

In verse 9 of this chapter, the specific concept of Judah’s sin is generalized to be true of all hearts. He says, 

“The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?” (Jeremiah 17:9). 

The heart is poisoned beyond hope and leads people astray. The outward things that we often associate with sin are simply the result of this reality.  Keep reading...


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