Staff Change Update

HR Announcement July 2017


Earlier this summer we said goodbye to Rev. Jon Welch. It was our great privilege to work alongside of him for the last 7 plus years and our great joy to know that he and his family will continue to worship with us here as he assumes his duties at Camp Mini-Yo-We. In addition, one of our young leaders has taken a scholarship to study church history in Great Britain. In light of these developments I have been working to rearrange our Human Resources pie to address our ministry priorities within the budget that has been approved for this year.

Here are a few things you should know:

Youth Ministry

Ryan Shevalier will be taking responsibility for our Youth and Development pathway. Ryan will oversee the Jr. High, Sr. High and Young Adult programs alongside his team of dedicated volunteers.

Children's Ministry

Jil Koller will be taking responsibility for our Children’s Ministry Program. Jil has provided excellent leadership in the area of Family Circle but has always been equally (or even more!) passionate about Children’s Ministry. Jil has a great deal of experience in this area, having been the Co-Principal of a Christian School. We’re excited to have her on board! The CM role has generally been a part time role with a few smaller pieces in support. This tends to be the best way to cover both campuses while making sure that our CM coordinators can also participate in the worship services on a regular basis. Jil will be supported by Shara Aldom in the area of mid-week program.

Family Circle

Miranda Webster will be taking over as the coordinator of the Family Circle program. Family Circle functions as an “HR pie” with several ladies providing smaller part time roles under the oversight of a coordinator. Miranda was on the team last year under Jil; with Jil moving into CM Miranda will assume the role of coordinator. Amanda denBok will join the team in support.

Worship Ministry

To support Ryan in Youth Ministry and to replace Matt Stanton in Worship Ministry we are adding two Ministry Interns for this year: Josh Scott and Alyssa Cross. Both of them will have responsibilities in both departments.


With Jon and Matt departing (Matt will continue to do some on-line work for us in the area of technical support) we are taking 54 weekly hours off of our staff roster and with all of the additions in this plan we will be adding on 49.5 hours. Most of the pieces are smaller but we are confident that all of the ministry priorities will be adequately addressed through these adjustments.

I do hope that you are encouraged by the development of our own in-house leaders. Other churches regularly express admiration and even envy for the number of young leaders we are able to develop. God has been SO GOOD TO US in this respect. This plan is further evidence of that kindness.

Thanks be to God!

Rev. Paul Carter
July 26th, 2017

N.B. This plan was affirmed by the Board of Elected Elders at our July Meeting.