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First Baptist Church Orillia is one church with one mission in two locations. We exist to make disciples of all nations by starting in Orillia and overflowing with the proclamation and transforming work of the Gospel.
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The Gospel

We center everything we do around God and what He has done to secure our redemption through Jesus Christ. He is the banner under which we live, serve, and worship. He is the reason for our hope, peace, and joy even in the midst of trials. Find out who He is and why He is so central to what we call the Gospel.

Guest Central

If you're looking to get more information on who we are as a church, then everything can be found in Guest Central - we're over to the left of the Sanctuary when you walk through the front doors at FBC. If you're new and want to get to know people, if you'd like to pick up a Pastor-recommended book or Bible or sign up for an event that's peaked your interest, or if you just want a great cup of coffee, check out this hub any time on Sunday mornings. 

Our Worship Service

We think that Sunday morning matters. A vital part of being united in Christ is gathering together to worship in song, to pray, to hear the Word of God, and to participate together in the ordinances. Gathering with us will involve all of these things, and we rejoice in these means of grace that God has given to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've tried to put a list of FAQ's together that will answer the most common questions you might have about FBC Orillia, but feel free to contact us if yours isn't covered.

Our Campuses

First Baptist Church, Orillia is one church but two campuses, and we desire to spread the Gospel for the glory of God. In order for His fame to spread, we must be willing to go and facilitate the gathering of those whom He draws into his Kingdom. We answered that call 5 years ago with Redeemer City Campus, held at the Orillia Christian School on 505 Gill Street in Orillia. With the blessing of God, we'll continue to reach all areas of this great city.  Redeemer City Campus services start at 11:00am Sundays, FBC Campus services start at 9:30am.

Our Elders

The polity of First Baptist Church, Orillia consists of a Board of Elders. These elders are responsible for the operation as well as the spiritual oversight of the church.