Being new to a church can sometimes make people uncomfortable until they get to know more about the church, meet new people, and get involved. Your best resource to get connected here at FBC is to stop by Guest Central on Sunday mornings and talk with our hosts. They will be able to give you any information you need, keep you up to date on events and groups, and we'd also like to give you a welcome gift. 

If you have yet to step foot in the building, we hope this page helps answer some practical questions that you might have as you become familiar with our tribe.

"When should I arrive?"

The service at First Baptist Campus (265 Coldwater Rd. W) starts at 9:30am. Redeemer City Campus (505 Gill St.) starts at 11:00am. We encourage everyone to come a little earlier in order to fellowship, prepare our hearts, and be ready to joyfully worship.

"Where do I take my children?"

Your children will have a great time meeting other kids and learning about the Bible through our Gospel Project for Kids curriculum. When you enter the front doors at First Baptist Campus, you can take the stairs to either your right or left. When you get downstairs, check your child in by the big tree. You can't miss it, promise! At Redeemer City Campus, just walk through the gym, go through the double blue doors and follow the signs. 

Our screened team of Children's Ministry volunteers will check your children in and help them settle in to their class. If we need to consult you about your child during the service, your family's security code number will appear on the Powerpoint screen during the service.

"I might get lost. Can you give me a map of your campus?"

Sure! You can get a map of the First Baptist Church Orillia main campus in Guest Central, or check with any of our ushers or greeters for directions.  Washrooms are located on the lower level.

"Is your facility wheelchair accessible?"

Yes! There are ramps and wide front doors at the front and rear of the main church building at First Baptist Campus, along with an elevator accessing the lower levels and a wheelchair accessible washroom on the main level, on the right side of the front foyer.

"What kind of music can I expect when coming to your church?"

We long to be a multi-generational church where both young and old are sure that they belong. This being the case, we endeavour to use music that is fresh and vibrant as well as music that is timeless and familiar. Ultimately, our goal is to bring music that is rich in truth, beautiful in artistry and helpful in our knowledge of - and response to - our God. We have a great team of committed volunteers who work hard to make sure that our services are free of distractions. We hope that you will be reminded of the greatness of our God and that you will feel encouraged and enabled to respond!

"What can I expect out of the sermon?"

The Bible stands as God's revelation to us and we believe that He can powerfully work in our minds and hearts through the preaching of it. Through expositional preaching, our pastors aim to explain and apply the meaning of God's Word. You'll notice that it takes time, roughly about forty minutes. You'll also notice that we preach on what's next in the Bible as we expound passage by passage. This means that we will hit hard issues when we come to them and we will also not have very much room for personal opinion. Because God's Word is inerrant, infallible, and profitable for equipping us for every good work, we gladly rest under its teaching.

"How long does your service last? Will we actually be able to eat lunch?"

Our services last about an hour and forty-five minutes. We value sitting under God's Word and often do not even notice when forty-five minutes have passed. 

"How should I dress?"

When you come here, expect to find a very wide range of dress from jeans and t-shirts to suits and ties. Because we firmly believe in a multi-generational and multi-ethnic body of Christ, we encourage whatever clothing shows due reverence to God, models respect for others, and allows for unhindered worship.

"You're passing bread and grape juice around, what do I do?"

We administer communion on the first Sunday of every month. All those who are professing followers of Jesus Christ and have shown fruit of faith in obedience, typically through the mode of believers' baptism, are welcome to join us at the table to partake in the elements of bread and wine. If you don't fall into this category, at this point, then we ask that you refrain and simply observe. Feel free though to ask any of the elders or pastors for more information about what we believe afterwards if you have any questions.