Affiliations And Strategic Partners

First Baptist Church, Orillia seeks to be an active part of the wider church and is affiliated with the following groups and fellowships:

The Gospel Coalition

"As a broadly Reformed network of churches, The Gospel Coalition encourages and educates current and next-generation Christian leaders by advocating gospel-centered principles and practices that glorify the Savior and do good to those for whom he shed his life's blood. A biblically grounded and united mission is the only enduring future for the church. We desire to champion the gospel of Jesus Christ with clarity, compassion, courage, and joy - gladly linking hearts with fellow believers across denominational, ethnic, and class lines. We invite all Christians to join us in an effort to renew the contemporary church in the ancient gospel of Christ so that we truly speak and live for him in a way that clearly communicates to our age." - Founders Overview of The Gospel Coalition found here.

The Gospel Coalition Canada

Canada is a land with unique challenges when it comes to articulating and applying the Gospel. According to a recent Faith Today article, the evangelical population in the U.S. is 25 times larger than it is in Canada - we are smaller, more spread out, more isolated and less organized than our American cousins and these realities commend different strategies for our evangelism and mission.

The social and political context in Canada is also vastly different than what is found in the United States. In some ways we are further along in terms of moral and social decline, but in other ways we are far better off. Canadian churches have had more time to adjust to our diminished role in the public square and more time to think about how to minister effectively from the margins of political life. All of these unique factors seem to commend a distinctly Canadian adaptation of The Gospel Coalition model for reformation and renewal. While we continue to benefit from the "north/south" dynamic, we believe that now is the time for an intentional "east/west" movement of pastors and churches in Canada, coming together and resourcing one another for the sake of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

To read an introduction and endorsement of TGC Canada written by our Lead Pastor, click here.

To read about TGC Canada's Inaugural Council, click here.

Covenant Life Renewal Association (CLRA)

“CLRA”, pronounced like the lady’s name Clara, stands for “Covenant Life Renewal Association." It began as little more than a conversation between two concerned Baptist pastors in Ontario, but that conversation has rapidly expanded to include dozens of pastors and lay leaders from numerous churches across the province.

CLRA seeks to gather together pastors and leaders of Canadian Baptist Churches interested in the cause of Biblical Reformation. CLRA firmly believes that the path to renewal is long and narrow.  It is long in the sense that it will probably take multiple generations, therefore, it is committed to leadership development.  It is narrow in that there is really only one thing we need to do.  We need to prayerfully read and talk about the Bible. 

To read CLRA's Statement Of Faith, click here.